At BootcampFM we help people just like you! Our fat-loss system is designed to educate our members, not how to exercise or diet, but how to change their mind-set and lifestyle, resulting in fantastic fat loss results that are long-term.

We are not an exercise class! Its not about you just turning up and getting shouted and "beasted" then going home. We use a four week periodisation program, every session is different to make keep the sessions interesting. Week 1 is an easy/recovery week whereby we teach the correct technique of various exercises, reducing the risk of injury.

This is followed by week 2 where the sessions get progressively harder, this continues up to week 4, after week 4 we return back to week 1 for recovery and technique work. Most coaches and athletes will use this type of training system to improve performance and ability.

Our daily emails on the 28 Day Drop A Clothes Size Challenge and 12 Week Total Body Transformation ensures that you are reaching your daily targets along with our healthy eating recipe book and weekly REAL foods recipes.

Every member is entitled to a complete health and fitness assessment whereby we measure your height, weight, hip, waist, blood pressure, resting heart rate, body fat%, hydration level, flexibility, lung efficiency, aerobic capacity and strength. You will receive the results via email, this will be your starting point, 12 weeks later the same tests will be carried out to gage your improvements.

Your self-image will improve, your confidence will grow and you will become fitter, stronger and healthier than you have ever been, whilst increasing your circle of friends.

We will teach you our "Fast Metabolism" system that uses carbohydrate cycling to trick your body into speeding up its metabolic rate, by using whole foods and group personal training sessions that last no longer than 1 hour at least three times per week. You can choose from any of our 17 weekly sessions including our very popular running for beginners’ sessions.

Our monthly team building events really create a friendly team/ family atmosphere. These include; Bowling nights,  excursions, Mud Runs, 5k 10k, and Half Marathon runs (only when you are ready), nights out, barbecues and family days.

When you join Bootcamp FM you will not only be joining a big family where everybody id friendly and welcoming with no egos, you will actually start achieving things that you did not think were possible. Become the best version of yourself and join today.

Alvin Messam

Founder and Director